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Friday, November 7, 2008

This is not about my art.

I'm just going to show everyone these pants because i'm absolutely in love with them. If they were a man I would definitely lay them. If they were a man and they rode a motorcycle and they danced to rock and roll and we ate greek yogurt with honey and strawberries and he played on the swings with me and brushed my hair and we went skinny dipping in rivers and he played a mean slide guitar and harmonica, I'd make love to him over an extended period of time.
but alas, they are not. so they'll just make snug-glove-love to my legs.


if you like at least three things in this picture, we have really important things in common.

SONG OF THE DAY section.
I've been listening to The Kills lately, and I'm not usually one. Actually, I'm NEVER one for drum tracks or overly-electro elements, but there's something real dirty and authentic rock and roll about The Kills that just fucking makes up for it.
It was their video of "The Good Ones" that turned me on. Maybe it will do the same for you.

I guess I just like the level of intensity of their interaction.
I've liked every other song I've heard, but my favourite right now is "Last Day of Magic"
I just want to talk about music but I know you guys are going to get bored so I'm going to contain myself.

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