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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

overwhelmed. escapism is always the answer

well i sleep to get back to you
yeah i sleep to get back to you

well in the daytime, i can't find you
in the daytime, just don't know what to do.

well i sleep and i couldn't dream of you

from "Sleep" by Cheval Sombre

Today I met Charlie and we talked for over an hour about his musical history and tours and at the end I asked him about muses and he says it's a drive, the need to express yourself.  That especially performing music, because there are people in front of you.  That's what separates live music as an art media from visual art, it's what makes it so much more pure of an expression.  He had me hold one end of my necklace chain and we held both ends, taut and he said this is Time, between us, right now.  We are only not alone when you and I are here right now.

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