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Monday, November 10, 2008

heavy heavy


I feel like everyone carries around this immense sadness. It sits around us, hangs off our limbs like some fucked fog.

I'm beginning to SEE what I want to do with degree project.
I'm doing an installation, and there's no space on the 11th floor that's all that conducive, so I might have some work up there, but have my REAL thing somewhere else in Tower. If in Tower.
I hope that the location doesn't discourage people from checking it out.
My group in class was really helpful and I felt inspired after talking with them. I'm definitely going to project STUFF on top of other stuff and I want to make a teepee or some sort of structure people can go inside of and feel really peaceful amidst all of the sound and visual stimuli.
I want to make a headdress and matchbox altars.

On another note,
here are two more pictures of the unreal fabulous Lady Jenny

AND Heaven by Dead Meadow.

I just want to skim right off the radar for a while.
New York City


stringi said...

I never got a chance to tell you in class. I think the Hunter S. Thompson inspired piece is really neat. Some people may associate water color with soft gentle or pretty. But it can in fact (and this is proof) be a great medium to convey something a little bit darker, wild, even disturbing. Maybe water color is a bi polar medium, if so I'm pretty fond of its crazy half! Enough ranting, I like the image.

Tuesday Morning said...

yes! it was as good of a comment as you promised.
thank you!
i'm excited to keep pushing for that crazy half to come through in my work.