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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

shake shake

This was my first monochromatic piece and I'm still not sure how I feel about the colours, it's so alien to work that way.

I don't know what sort of music you guys are into, but I love dron-y shoegaze-n-roll psych and one of the best bands out there doing it is The Morning After Girls.
This is a segment they did for a radio show, it's quite long but if you don't have time to listen to all of it, go to the middle and listen to the song because that one is really beautiful. I wrote them this a while ago:
i was putting together a short (there are four) list of songs that are currently, purely auditorily literally turinng me on and getting me off
and you've got two. so here's what i think
Lazy Greys: breathy count-off ...3, 4. the bass line is so interesting, i imagine it is fingers flickering over your warm skin and a body rolling around with you coming in and out of you, the reverby guitar i'm a junkie for is like the feeling in your throat you get when you're real turned-on and kind of nervous and the vocals are the way you breathe in when someone touches you just right. the harmonica is you trying to control yourself.
i can picture how you would play this, it's slow but i don't think that's less sexy, i think it's more because of the passion you can put behind everything. it'd be like grinding yourselves into your instruments, it's a total seducer song, i'd love to listen to this and panther-seduce someone
and Run For Our Lives i would just have a lot of fun fooling around with dancing to that live. the guitar makes me move and the bass line is such a perfect backup to fall onto plus the tambourine's has that killer backbeat that's the easy way

you can find those two songs on youtube.

Stop looking for approval in others.

As Mavis Staples would say, Respect Yourself.

(from Wattstax)


grandillustration said...

I really like your detour assignment, the color looks beautiful.

Tuesday Morning said...

Thank You! for some reason I'm always surprised when people genuinely like my work.

stringi said...

Do you listen to Serena Maneesh? (90's shoegaze band, I think from UK?) I think you might like them.

Tuesday Morning said...

I don't, but I found their myspace and started listening. I've only listened through once and they haven't moved me, but it's not like I dislike it at all. It's just not one of those bands that socked me in the stomach. I'm going to go back though.
Weird because a few days after I read your comment I saw a review of them in a magazine. And I've never heard of them before.