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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Evolution of Detour:

- one million ideas
- in thumbnail/sketch phase, sudden unexplainable loss of about 9, 999,996 ideas
- combination of two ideas
- 50 thousand sketches
- stalemate
- 50 thousand sketches
- slooowwww progress on final drawing/painting.
- lack of confidence.
- fear that it's too overtly sexual.
- fuck it.

The last two nights have been good because I've been going out and dancing. It grounds me, it keeps me sane, it makes me happy, it rejuvenates me.

I was looking at some old footage of go go dancing on youtube yesterday and I can't find the one I wanted to share, but this one is the best out there. It's probably new to you,

If I still end up going to NYC this weekend, I'm going to get those silver go-go boots at Trash & Vaudeville. Anyone who reads this and enjoys this type of music should go to Cheap Thrills. It's every Thursday at Zuzu, mostly it's free, but if you're going with me, and it's not, I can give you the password.
Also anyone who dabbles in 70s hard stoner acid psychedelic garage rock should, aside from Orange Sunshine (YES I WILL FORCE YOU TO LISTEN TO THEM), check out Dzjenghis Khan. I'd recommend a link to a clip of a show I've been to, but either they have basically no picture, or shitty sound. I spent a good chunk of time with them whilst in Holland, and they're worth your time.
Here, I'll make it REALLY easy for you to listen to Orange Sunshine.

I was dancing exactly where the camera attempted to zoom into the crowd until the operator realized that there were no distinguishable bodies and only an inky black blob. Jesse (see Khan) and I were freaking out over Arthur's guitarage skills, Carson (see Khan) was probably disgusted at how sweaty I was when he was trying to grab my waist, and Graveyard was standing right behind us.



Silvia Kats said...

I don't think your detour cover was too sexual, but I havent seen it since you put it up on the blog. I am in love with the panther woman though. I think that could be a great edge to the cover you have. I love your afro woman cover but when I saw the panther woman with a rifle it made my heart flutter. I think that that alone could have been a diesel cover. Just my opinion tho, I don't want you to scrap what you have and have Andy shoot me in the face for suggesting it. :-P

Tuesday Morning said...

weird. i thought i replied to this. okay anyway, i wanted to say that yes, i tried doing this without the panther women and it sucked all the passion out of me, i'm really happy you said this because it reminded me how much i liked my original inclination, and now that i've returned to it i'm very happy. so thanks for saying something.
i've never seen a diesel cover? do you have any examples of any? i tried to find some online but i couldn't seem to come across any pas examples.

Silvia Kats said...

oh man, I guess thats NY slang, by diesel I mean amazing, but cooler and more badass than amazing. :)

although that would be a really cool name of a publication..

Tuesday Morning said...

oh hahahaha i thought you meant diesel jeans. okay i really like that slang, i'm going to adopt it. so uhh..thanks :)