Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spacy Electric Liquid Go-Go Premeire

i was invited by Farflung, a Hawkwind-esque space rock acideater group i met 2 Fourth of Julys ago at a Teepee Records party entitled New Weird America Music or something of that nature. I told them i wanted to do Barbarella go-go for them and they took me up on it last weekend!
The following pictures were taken by Shazzula, the radass witchbaby frontwoman of Aqua Nebula Oscillator, a dark psychedelic group from France who I met in Holland and invited me to Corsica (wetting my imagination's tongue with daydreams of riding horses into the ocean and slipping off backwards into the seas of the Meditteranean, forgotten cliff-edge stone palaces, and indulgent, exotic bird midnights with bottles of whisky and candle-lit gloomy pools.
way back then we spoke about go-go and sewing your own outfits and smushing yourself into festivals.
we're like stranger sisters, far-out peddlers of our own psychedelia realities, dark and light and all between.

VIDEO is promised. Incredibly well-documented debut. Stay in tune for many more gratuitous performance photographs of yourz trulY.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Bean. our baby bunball. yesterday he gave me our first bunny kiss. he's been here for a week now and is still adjusting to all the new sounds and sights but simultaneously is binky-ing with happiness all over the place about his new kingdom

the following is some stuff i've been working on this weekend. i finally ran into the 3d mountain lion postcard again and got to put in the frame i found months ago at goodwill.

i took another trip to goodwill this afternoon and found this neato frame--perfect for the 3d eagle.

oh, seashell strands. how i will exploit your every possibility. the following are finds at a seashellsouvenier store in seal beach. slowly i will build my interior empire into a kitschy, tiki, voudou paradise.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

could see the ferris wheel

i got in a car accident 10 minutes away from seeing ZZ Top LIVE! In Concert! Head-on with the airbag punching me in the face. my ankle twisted in my cowboy boots, sprained. the car filled with smoke so fast and i didn't want to open my eyes because they burned so hard i thought they'd fall out of my head. trying to find the door handle but realize i can't even stand up.
i went to the ER in an ambulance and i was crying and the guy asked me what was wrong and i told him i could be seeing ZZ Top right now. he told me no, what hurt with my body.
i had this "vision" dream which i decided i would draw in my sketchbook, blow up really big onto watercolour paper and do a fucking bigass painting. it was about the accident but also really weird cuz, you know, it was a dream. i stopped working on it the second i could hobble around enough to distract myself from sitting in place for 8 hours a day.

yeah my right eye was essentially glued shut from the swelling and the cuts/raw skin for 3 days. now i'm having floaters in my vision, which sucks.

mostly i've been working on stuff like this: