Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Triangles and Pyramids

Most inspiring of anything right now is this video:

I believe in this kind of magic. I believe in animalism primalism. raw, untapped wild whirlwind energy that starts as a shot in your stomach, a fuck to your gut. I believe in panther seduction, re-claiming of our human truths. I believe in staring Death in the face and fucking it on a short-circuit. I believe in practicing BEing. in it spitting off my body, sleaking off my limbs, shaking my dead ends. I want all the ugliness inside everyone splayed out and loved till it's sick. I think we've got to be honest about our animal nature.
Eat, Shit, Fuck.
that's all it's about, don't fool yourself about being above that. give into the primal mindfully. No regrets, no apologies. Get ugly get mean, indulge in what makes you feel good.
I ate a burrito with Liz and Penelope at Copley the wind smacking us in our faces, blowing over cups of water and sour cream, frustrated skaters kicking their boards, gravel and discomfort. tonight I want to burn and feel alive, i want to skim the edge

Graciela Iturbide:

Mexican photographer. wild dogs, hair, birds, silver gelatin prints of the bases of cacti. East LA cholas.

In "Cholas, White Fence, East L.A.," the women of White Fence (some deaf) throw gang signs as they pose in front of figures from Mexican history -- Juarez, Zapata, Villa -- none of whom they recognize. "They thought they were mariachis."

Steven Harrington & Justin Krietemeyer
Somehow, We All Seem Connected

luca ionescu:

I am trying to find this one artist, a woman who I think is Mexican, she did a series of self-portraits where she covered her body in earth, there are photographs... I think her name is Ana or Anna and that her last name starts with a "M."

Your soundtrack for the night is brought to you by The Myrrors, see if you can still get their album for free here. THE song is "Mother Of All Living."

There's a real love of shapes right now, like geometric elements. I find myself bizarrely attracted to triangles and pyramids right now. I really believe in the collective consciousness because I can't explain why else I am digging everything that I am at the same time. You know? The whole motorcycle 70s neo-psychedelic thing. We are living in a really rich time, we have so much creative freedom available to us. We should be taking full advantage of it.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I give to thee
the furry pyramid of letting go.

these are my first prints from this woodblock.  in the next prints i want to isolate the red more and change the green a little bit.

it's conceptual.
i'll explain later.

This is the practice one:

Thursday, February 12, 2009


woodblock design.  furry pyramid with rattail (hair style[?] that gives me unexplainable joy)
my logo.
my business card.  i want rounded edges so that his roundness is accentuated, and i'm going to fill some of the patches up with mini versions of my portfolio pieces.  i want to put more beer cans in this, too.  it will be in watercolour.  
tube car.  a sketch for fun

Friday, February 6, 2009

So this isn't going to end up being my "real" art blog or site because uhm i talk a lot about myself and my ideas

tuesdaymorning.com is taken, i could get tuesdaymorning.me, which is pretty cool because it's just ALL MEEE
or i could do a .com if my domain name was one of the following:

What do you think? OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO MAKE A POLL.

There are a bunch of tours coming through! I'm so happy.
Parliament Funkadelic is on the 25th at the new House of Blues (WHICH IS PAINTED LIKE A KINDERGARTEN?!?!) and this is probably the most exciting thing ever. Penelope and I are going ALL OUT. i'm going to paint leopard spots on me and probably go in my velour hot pants and i have no idea bout the shirt yet and she's going to go eyeball/feathers route.
The Kills are coming through, BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE is coming, King Khan & The Shrines are coming. Earthless and Witch are on the same bill, Darker My Love is coming back AGAIN, etc.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

physical fights feel so good. i think it's healthy to release the primal, there's so much tension in a day sometimes at the end i just want to throw up or fuck a lot or fight. tonight i want to cough until i vomit and then sleep forever with rich dreams that show me something. i don't want a morning or an afternoon but i want a night of madness.

portfolio class made me mad the english way. just listening to irena and that other dude and paul... it's like they're from a different planet. i understand everything they're saying but every atom in my body rejects it. i was convulsing inside. The huge rant about professionalism. i'm fucked. i always get personal. i put such an emphasis on the personal. i don't want to be professional, i want to pull people into my whirlwind and have them right there with me.
i like andy because he thinks about the individual and doesn't generalize a group. i need to work through some stuff. i've NEVER compromised a part of myself for anyone and it's going to be REALLY WEIRD to start editing myself now. i've always forced myself on others and made them conform to ME. now i shouldn't have pictures of naked chicks on a website or anything and it boggles my mind. is nudity offensive? I want to make transgressive art. i want to make things that challenge peoples' perceptions of what is appropriate. this is about my life. this is about how i see life. it's about sex, it's about getting out of your mind or getting deeper inside of it, it's about rock and roll, it's about getting wild, being primal, being indulgent, thinking about yourself and taking control of your life.
i'm confused.

it was really bizarre during the visiting artist lecture experiencing the tiny interactions between the artist and the illustration professors. it was like a bunch of sell outs chuckling. it was a little sad to me because i think that essentially all artists want to maintain their integrity of vision and not change their form of expression in exchange for some cash. and i find it sad that people let themselves believe that that's necessary.
call me naive
i just know that there are artists out there that DO unapologetically maintain their integrity AND are successful. and i know it's possible.

I think i figured out why i'm so weird when i talk in class. i think it's my shyness coming through in a new way. i think i'm pretty socially awkward, well, i know i am when i'm not one on one. so i think that's what's happening especially in Degree Project or when i'm really blunt.

some visual creations that stemmed from this hand

I've found a new visual lover. He doesn't know it but I'm fine with that.

Will Sweeney


degree project work so far

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Becoming Lucid

I don't feel so free.

i just want to think. i finally feel like a true artist.
listening to some of my classmates talk, it is overwhelming. i cannot think the way they think. i need to separate myself because it confuses me. my life path is different.
i am not afraid of anything. this is because i believe in myself. not as anything but as myself. i am not one thing but a compilation of things that exist in a completely different way--i am memories and i have been love, i am millions of atoms, we just accept to exist. my flesh is a history that belongs to everyone i've ever met.
i don't give a shit about living in illusion. but i want to live the illusion, awake.

everyone has the same dream as me.
I'm struggling with that because I don't like being the same as everyone else. yes, maybe i will be different because i will break through because i've got that weird spark inside of me. I suppress any doubts because they are poison. so i continue to search for what will make me different.

what is not different: Preoccupation with death and the simultaneous weight of trying to experience

You are your own reality and we have millions of realities to choose from
I want to feel everything
i want to smile as i die. there. that's a goal.