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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Moon Surf Hag Shack

for anyone who finds themselves here... my new website is real:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

white dress, gold buttons, and Bond.

and finally: my favourite collage.  for it cleverly (creepily?) insinuates Sean Connery as Dr. No era James Bond is mildly intrigued by me and my fabulous ensemble.  he's checking his watch because he wants to get out of there with me.  yup...
anyway, that scene was HUGELY influential on my aesthetic and also attraction to tiki kitsch.
there you go, just slaughtered a little bit of the mystique for ya.  it's okay, no one "reads" this blog, anyway!

Monday, January 2, 2012


another buffalo exchange find.  twirl-factor based purchase.  i wore this vintage Friederike orange one on New Year's Eve (there MAY be photo documentation of the outfit at some point... but for now see my attempt at Ronettes make-up below).  ah, the pride of thrifting.  unfortunately extremely unoriginal thanks to this shitty economy.  i can't wait for people to get rich again so i can have my Goodwill back, all to myself. 

 I just read Ronnie Spector's autobiography, Be My Baby, so I'm heavily influenced by her right now.  On my to do list for this week is to acquire a comb and hairspray so that I can finally get some sort of beehive going.  After that I'm going Klute-era Jane Fonda with my hair!
I also finally hired someone to help me understand how to create an image-map, so I should have my website up in a few weeks.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

lime green collar embroidery

shoddy excuse for a collage.  more like cut n paste.  bummed these boots turned out to be about a size to big.  need to find very meaty insoles.  this dress' pattern is cats and owls!

::2011:: a meager list.
did fewer paintings.
committed myself to learning the healing art of herbalism
got let go for a month before asked back and promoted with a chunky raise and SALARY!
bought a sewing machine
adopted a stray rabbit
had the energy to start reading again

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm departing from visual art and concentrating on herbalism for a while.

Friday, December 30, 2011

stewardess shorts

i am not a poser.  trying to make shapes with my body is like a rabbit eating peanut butter. 
i wore this to play pool and drink dang strong mai tai's at Johnny's Saloon in Huntington Beach.  Some rockabilly place with "no hippies allowed" signs.  i forgot to put on the matching belt for this photo.  oops!

rose petal dress

i just went photoshop collage-crazy so i'll post one outfit every day.  i picked this dress up at buffalo exchange for $15.  i feel like a faerie in it.  i pretend i'm wearing rose petals.  it has fantastic twirl.  this IS an H&M dress (boo!! BORING) that i triumphantly procured at a mere fraction of the original price tag. 

sorry my face is so sad and serious.  seriously, i'm sorry.  okay strangers on the street?  don't ask me to cheer up, or give you a smile, or tell me life isn't so bad.  it's JUST the way MY FACE LOOKS.

did you guys hear that spiderweb is the strongest natural material?

Monday, November 28, 2011

64 Dodge Dart

i want this to have under 150,000 miles, come with a pink slip, not have a radiator leak, not exhaust blue smoke, and to be mine within 2 weeks.
not too much to ask for, right?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Bananas

i started this painting months ago. it's inspired by RTX. this was way before anyone had any idea they'd change their name to Black Bananas! YEP. creepy coincidences abound--hath re-inspired me to continue onward. i have since darkened the banana and detailed the peyote plants and painted the skulls. much more intricate detailing to come. but for now i thought i'd share the beginning with y'all:

I'm starting to feel that this is a square format piece. i think i'll still paint it like it's not and later end up cropping it. i'm brainstorming about a background. i want something very simple or perhaps nothing at all. my brainstorming reminded me of this piece i did as part of a triad of Emily back in freshman or sophomore year at MassArt.

not wanting to paint bigger than 9"x11" hasn't changed a bit, but i HAVE since figured out how to not completely muddy a good face...
i'm looking at these types of high horizon photos for a guide on possible backgrounds. i'm attracted to yellow or cerulean washes. maybe a tree line, i don't know yet. maybe just shadows of palms--against the "sunlight." for a very Southern Californian feel. feel free to inputtt put