Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

altamont ashley's

got all dressed up to see Lords of Altamont in downtown Long Beach a couple weeks ago. They cancelled last minute so I ended up at local blues bar Ashley's

Monday, March 28, 2011

got me under pressure

version 1
pseudo-outfit "collage."

super stoked on managing to acquire photoshop today on ma new mac.
i'm working on my website, i have it hosted with godaddy, where i got my domain name, and am using wordpress.org to host it(?). anyway, i'm totally overwhelmed with php/css/html/mysql!!!??! what i'm gathering so far is that php is what wordpress.org uses and i only have a very elementary understanding of html, so i'm pathetically trying to marry them (like using wordpress to upload a photo and then using html to attempt to make an image map) and it's not working. maybe my main problem is that i don't understand how (or where) the wordpress.org website can access the files in the server. i know how to upload/download from a server and have it all connected, but i don't know where to find certain things i've uploaded to the server through the website. whew. not ONLY that, but i really don't want a blog at all (or maybe just link to my old stardustfuzz one), and therefore am going to have figure out how to create templates from scratch... in php. i DO feel like if i conquer this, the knowledge i will have accumulated will be monetarily compensated in the future.

LA is weird. I'm much happier to be a resident of Long Beach, even though it's still technically LA.
what else am i doing with my art?
i've been working on a slacker psychedelic DJ to collaborate with me, so that I can "officially" dance at his DJ gigs, I don't think he's serious enough, or maybe it's just a slow process.
i feel like i'm amassing this enormous amount of inspiration, like i've been studying other people's ways to creative fame and fortune. there are so many creative avenues that interest me, i get lost in re-hashing them and trying to find a way to spearhead a profitable PRODUCT.
LIST TIME. (of creative avenues)
writing short stories and prose
fine art
-used by companies like Volcom (other skate/surf companies)
-silkscreened onto rocker clothing i sew
-possibly later compiled into a fantastical, alternative myth-ridden semi-transgressive children's book
healing with herbalism
-making tinctures and oils
-being able to help other people without having to become a faux-therapist
-introducing a physical exchange to helping someone that may not reciprocate, if monetary
touring with a rock 'n roll band, holding a viable position in the show as an old school electric liquid go-go dancer
possibly managing an (musical) artist's career

okay i think that's all. as long as i can get my RV and drive aimlessly to all of US' national parks.