Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Friday, January 28, 2011

sunspot baby

My second sketch. I'm considering having her swimming up to the surface and an orange (fruit) sun making a halo.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


1st phase sketch inspired by beluga whales and the following daydream:

i want to be a mermaid in seafoam green i want my hair to bleach until it’s nearly translucent. i want my eyelashes so light and thick that if i close my eyes your depth perception gets fucked. i want to feel good slipping into the cold and murky tirade of our moon’s patterns, i want to wash my heart, sun myself on slick rocks. i want to be half mermaid and half oranges-eating changeling. if i am a changeling then my energy and efforts and the lack of requital makes sense. then also i will have some invisible armor, woven from myth and vague playful memories. i can choose to be hard with justification because i am something that must be protected, something that must be respected, must be loved unconditionally, madly, like a poison. i am dangerous. i will be a sick siren, a scream so high-pitched that it will relentlessly vibrate against your insides, i will slowly chew and then spew venom that eats at your thickest fibers, i will be the ever-promise of eternal magic that you let go, whose spirit you destroyed almost completely (you will secretly know i have recovered ten-fold and now blossom in the freedom of my half-existence). i will be the thing you almost caught, almost tamed, almost forgot, and then lost.

i will move to my own fairytale cottage and i will get a sewing machine and hole myself up away from all the vampires. i will have a garden of herbs, fennel and basil and cilantro, lavender, and lime and orange and lemon trees,
i want to be a chlorine swimming pool mermaid, i want to be invisible under the dead leaves. i will cover my body with a mud mask and lie in my backyard and then play in the sprinkler to wash it all off.

garage soul dance night

garage soul dance night outfit

pale pink tights, orange skirt with gold chain, red/white patterned 70s tank top, and silver glitter disco platforms

Sunday, January 16, 2011

concert attire for 2/26 RTX show at the Echoplex!! incl. over-sized velvet platforms.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

daily wear

i'm going to start posting pictures of outfits i put together. this one's my daily wear for 1/13/11: