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Monday, December 29, 2008

Slinkster stone fox

(foreword: Okay so I kind of want to dedicate a post every now and then to some crazy slinkster woman i look up to or who inspires me.  lately it's been Uschi Obermaier.)



Can I just be Uschi Obermaeir without the heroin/speed habits and the dependancy on the men you're with as the determination of personality?

Uschi was a German model in the 60s who loved music and dancing and getting out of her head and was close with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, and intimate with Jimi Hendrix.  She was also involved with Kommune 1 because her boyfriend was Rainer Langhans, though she wasn't terribly political.  Her soulmate was Dieter Bockhorn, who was kind of the king of Hamburg.  He was a real wild man, going on expeditions to Africa, would water ski in the Hamburger port.  The papers tried to make him into a pimp, but he wasn't, though he had a lot friends that were.  He owned shops and would handpick many of the items.  He had a monkey called Cheetah that got really jealous of Uschi.  A bit later into their relationship, he had a cafe called "Adler" (Eagle).  Together they bought a bus and made it so amazing that they received death threats and ultimatums, in exchange for the bus.  I wish there were more pictures of the inside.  They had a royal wedding in India and ended up in Mexico, where he eventually committed suicide, sick from love for Uschi, who refused to commit.  On New Year's Eve he crashed his motorcycle into an oncoming truck.  There is WAY MORE to this and it's all in her "auto"biography, but unfortunately that is only available in German at the time being.  Since I can read German, I uhh read it.  There's a movie out, though, it's called "Eight Miles High," or "The Wild Life" (the German title).

some advice from Uschi to you: "I tell them always to do what your heart says, and don’t let yourself fear, because fear in this society kicks out any kind of ambition or wild streak, so they conform. I tell them to go by your heart."


also this has been insanely inspiring. thanks to Lilu.

I've been thinking a lot about my aesthetic. Mainly about how narrow it is. I think one of my resolutions next year will be to broaden my aesthetic. I feel very limited within, though the passion I do feel for it is very intense.
Yesterday after work I biked to the South End with Nadia to meet her friends.  It is so good be with west-coast'rs, we all have similar humour and I basically laughed the entire time.  Probably at things that weren't even funny.  One of them was so much San Francisco that it was painful in the homesick kinda way.  They had just drunk a pitcher and we went to this candy/antique store that smelled like dust.  Champaigne truffles among over-priced vinyl, feather fans, metal mermaid link purses 100 years old, big rings, lamps and books, gumdrops, chocolates and lollipops and souveniers.  I bought my first Oscar Wilde.  I'm waiting to read him until after I finish Dr. John's autobiography.  Maybe another New Year's resolution can be to stop reading so many goddamn autobiographies and start educating myself on philosophy or reading classic cats like Wilde.  He sold it to me for $3.  
After that the two boys bought a 6 pack of Pabst and we sat on some stoop and laughed our ass-cheeks right off.  Like Steven's story where he took methadone and blacked out and came to in an alley getting head from this guy who was taking him home on his bike and he took out his cellphone and called his friend and could only say "get here fast" over and over.  or something.  And realizing again how much fun the bay area is, especially when compared to Boston.  They were sort of name-calling some people that passed us and gave us dirty looks, "puritans!"  I don't know, Steven was wearing a pin on his knit sweater that said "I'm bi-sexual but no, I don't think you are attractive" and had these motorcycle boots that were so worn-in that they were more like slippers.  He kind of reminded me of Joel Gion.  

Oh!  I got Tepid Peppermint Wonderland for Christmas!  Also JJ Got Live RTX, and Howls From The Hills.  As well as the cougar belt buckle and motorcycle boots and Lush Flying Fox shower gel and some other wonderous gifts.

Also I think "you're a stone fox" is probably the best compliment I've never heard.  so get to it!

listen loud, it's the only way.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

if i could be anywhere, i'd have breakfast in NYC and fall asleep in San Francisco.
i've been thinking a lot about The Other "half" of my life. Wishing I could do the blues club boogie. i'm starting to get the itch again. I'm reading Dr. John's autobiography: Under A Hoodoo Moon. It is excellent. One of the smoothest-reading books I've read in a long time. It's partially as fascinating as it is because it's history I know nothing about. New Orleans in the 50's.
my aggro white gangsta neighbors who happen to share a wall with my bedroom are having another one of their lovely rap festivities. tonight the musical entertainment is refreshingly splattered with bits of 90s metal hard rock. Wonderous.
Can't wait for 6am, when I need to get up and go to work.

Tonight I stole a beautiful headband. maybe someday i'll mature past that cheap adrenaline rush. instead of doing laundry i rode nadia's bike and she took jenna's and we went to urban outfitters in harvard square and i found a book called something the guide to a hedonistic lifestyle, which was pretty much perfect and made for me. but i'm trying to save money so i didn't buy it.
i've been thinking about being a B type personality a lot since Andy told me that's what he thought i primarily was. won't deny it, 'cause it's true. my motto has always been, "if it isn't fun, why're you doing it?" or, more positively, "if it feels good, do it."
i then wandered around looking at these beautiful clothes and accessories that were so soft and feminine in a good way that i really wanted to be girly. like their lingerie. AND now i guess feathers are in fashion, sooooo i died a couple times. their SMALL flasks are $18! wait. that wasn't girly. sorry.
i ALMOST lost one of my mom's motorcycle gloves she gave me and we had to ride halfway back to find it. i should never own anything important, EVER. because i WILL lose it. it's a miracle i've found my motorcycle ring as many times as i have.

wow. so that was about art.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

where my money is going.

things i've bought that I probably shouldn't have because I need to save a shitton of $$$$
a bottle of Jack Daniels $24
tickets to see King Khan $12?
tickets to see Darker My Love/The Strange Boys $12?
hot chocolate at that show $3
The Strange Boys' album $5
a taxi cab ride home $10
that lace curtain rectangle dress that i've actually made work with a belt $8
two prints from Cody at MassMarket $9
crazy awesome postcards $1
that mod stretch brown rectangle pattern dress that I split with Kyrie $8.50
those fucking awesome boots $5
my sister's christmas presents. 3rd Tank Girl issue, RTX bandana $16
a brandy and coke at Cheap Thrills I split with Jenna and will never buy again if i need to be coordinated enough to dance $5
loading my charlie card because i lost my link pass $6
wasting about $4 after i lost my Charlie Card
getting a new Charlie card and loading it $10
Link Wray record $3.99
sushi with my sister $11


Monday, December 22, 2008

art things that i've touched

colour has since been added.

still need to add a wash. cerulean gradient top to bottom?

kisses from the shaky underworld

Friday, December 19, 2008

i puta spellonyou becauzze yer mine! YEAHHH

This is by Klaus Voorman, you know his work for the Beatles' Revolver album.  Klaus was a total biscuit and this is one of his pieces.  He was also the bassist for Manfred Mann, played in the Plastic Ono Band (woo.hoo.) and blahblahblah.

i had a nightmare and i want to paint it.  it involves a peacock feather, not the fancy head part but one of the skinny bits, and a white porcelain rabbit with a girl climbing into it.
i want to do a painting of the wolpertinger drawing
AND finally do a new version of the legs and guitar thing i did that 11 year old children RIPPED TO SHREDS before i could scan it.  i don't know how terribly original it is but i don't care.  it was a fucking cool painting before it was destroyed.

tonight i felt alive again. 

Today I found a new artist that I love.  Photographer Nan Goldin.  CHECK THIS OUT!!

just to pepper all of you with some MORE EYEBALL CANDY.  I want to say, none of you know how badly i want the following to happen to me, but some of you probably want this just as badly.  you know... the whole riverboat concert, awesome dancing, creedence clearwater revival live thing.  as harriet would say, 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

wolpertingers and cactus

My day is entirely inspired by Gimme Shelter. It started on the bus this morning. I was drinking the dregs of a strong memory
the time Alicia and I got dressed up and down and psychedelic and whoreish in fake fur and lace and mini skirts and metallic silver and platforms and spike boots and went to the Morlock to see Orange Sunshine. I was drunk on a bottle of red wine and high on some California and holding onto one of the amps and dancing trying not to fall down, my soul comin right out of my body, sleeking out of skin, shimmying into some glitter and then they went into their version of Gimme Shelter. It's so grit and rough and the ultimate hard homage to one of the most badass songs of all time. If you get me started on that song I'm going to start stumbling the words around my mouth like wooden sugar cubes about the way her voice cracks and if you listen to this as loud as you should be listening to it you can hear the studio get excited about it. That voice crack MAKES the song. Her voice cracks from passion, I mean--THAT'S rock and roll, baby.
On the somewhat other hand, THIS:

is inspiring my
life right now.
The caption makes it even better, if that were possible.
"Eric Metcalfe a.k.a. Dr. Brute
B.B. playing hte part of Leopard Lady who has just decapitated Jane Mansfield on Safari with Lex Barker"

it's about the superiority of animals because
they are unfettered by unnecessary and inhibiting emotions, and wanting to become something other than human because you never felt right inside your human skin anyway.

jackalopes of the world:

The grand finale:

it's even more gross and hilarious because of HOW OBVIOUSLY these are taxidermied and just plopped onto some field in the middle of nowhere.
Jackalopes DO exist, but unfortunately, it's a disease. Shope papilloma virus. The Culprit.
If you like looking at fucked-up pictures, you can see the disease

On another note:

The Don Juan re-do.

as of 3pm.

Almost done with the cacti now.
as of 5:20pm.
Guess which one's my favourite cactus!


Sunday, December 14, 2008



for people who like to read boring stuff:
Alameda Outlaws (band name for wolf piece, not sure about the lines yet but we'll see
the Don Juan pieces... uncomfortable with the colours, want to completely redo
I like the Johnny Cupcakes concept but i need to execute it better.

i went to this rock and roll cowboy wine tasting/show/southwestern jewelry thing and got asked for a business card i do not have yet. i told the woman i liked to draw anthropomorphic creatures in transgressive situations. when i think about that i get excited to do art. i want to show that in my review, but the workload this semester didn't allow me that. the illustration department works against itself.
anyway she works with turquoise and silver and coral and it's all beautiful and southwestern and i bought two cards from her, one with radiating porcupine quills and one with three feathers from a little dead bird she found on the side of a road when she was riding her horse. she buried it and thanked it and everything.

where I'm at on the juxtaposition piece for advanced drawing:

it's kind of meaningful to me... especially since this summer. becoming an animal, skimming the fringes of realities, feeling out of place/changeling. earlier today somewhere i felt like an alien. not like the movie kind but you know

an artist i like. gustaf tengrim

somehow, we all seem connected
i kinda want to work with this collective: http://nationalforest.com/site.html

uschi and bockhorn's bus

i'm reallyreally tired.
aurel schmidt: http://www.tinyvices.com/Aurel_Schmidt.html
i have a lot to say but i don't have internet at home right now because some people didn't pay the bill.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

raw nose

margot says i need to find a way to make it fun again because otherwise i'll graduate and i won't want to draw. i know this is true. but for it to be fun, there needs to be less thought--more intuitive, because she is right again, it is a strange sort of fear that manifests as procrastination. but now i am afraid, because my degree project is the actualization of my progress towards this goal, and it is nothing like anything i have created that i would show people, it is supremely imperfect, and i'm dreading standing beside this strange bulky set-up--an element of a larger element of an installation, an appendage.
an overhead projector, a sketchy ink and pencil, a collection of watercolours and writing.

Psychedelic poster art was my first influence, and remains my main inspiration, and if i can approach an assignment with the mentality of poster design, it feels as if there are infinite creative paths, and i can draw the imagery that i love and the colours are so fun to mix, and i can experiment inside of them while i am painting.

Problem: the center bird. there are too many birds. i need to depict crows. i had a Yaqui symbol in the center in the original sketch, but it bore too much resemblance to the iron cross, and i cannot find any further Yaqui iconography anywhere on the web. Andy suggested molding it kind of to a heart, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the book, and yeah, i do think that's a little cheesy. suggestions?

so for now i'm just going to paint everything but the middle. i'm painting the organ pipe cacti right now.

ain't no easy way

i'm screwed on cupcakes, though.
i'm also getting less sick

Thursday, December 4, 2008

psychedelic skateboarding

Thanks to Arthur magazine, I've found out about Richie Jackson...

Some of you may be wondering what skating has to do with psychedelics, other than the fact that skaters are usually ADHD compulsive danger freaks who like drugs among their many other vices. However, there is one skater who has taken the psychedelic vibe to a whole new level, Richie Jackson from Australia. Here is a clip from a recent interview from Transworld Skateboarding:

“I believe in psychedelicism. Not just psychedelic music, but everything. A psychedelic experience is characterized as the unveiling of perceptions previously unknown — the brain unfettered from its usual constraints. To me, it’s all there is, and certainly all that’s worth doing. I find no worth in that which doesn’t surprise. Anomalies, irregularities, deviation from the common rule — that is all I will ever care for.”