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Sunday, December 14, 2008



for people who like to read boring stuff:
Alameda Outlaws (band name for wolf piece, not sure about the lines yet but we'll see
the Don Juan pieces... uncomfortable with the colours, want to completely redo
I like the Johnny Cupcakes concept but i need to execute it better.

i went to this rock and roll cowboy wine tasting/show/southwestern jewelry thing and got asked for a business card i do not have yet. i told the woman i liked to draw anthropomorphic creatures in transgressive situations. when i think about that i get excited to do art. i want to show that in my review, but the workload this semester didn't allow me that. the illustration department works against itself.
anyway she works with turquoise and silver and coral and it's all beautiful and southwestern and i bought two cards from her, one with radiating porcupine quills and one with three feathers from a little dead bird she found on the side of a road when she was riding her horse. she buried it and thanked it and everything.

where I'm at on the juxtaposition piece for advanced drawing:

it's kind of meaningful to me... especially since this summer. becoming an animal, skimming the fringes of realities, feeling out of place/changeling. earlier today somewhere i felt like an alien. not like the movie kind but you know

an artist i like. gustaf tengrim

somehow, we all seem connected
i kinda want to work with this collective: http://nationalforest.com/site.html

uschi and bockhorn's bus

i'm reallyreally tired.
aurel schmidt: http://www.tinyvices.com/Aurel_Schmidt.html
i have a lot to say but i don't have internet at home right now because some people didn't pay the bill.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at the displaced feet on that cowboy one for a full minute like WAT.

I think the colors on Duan Juan are very surprising. It doesn't ring as doll box at all. Conversely, it feels very assaulting in a less wholesome way. I find that very interesting and layered. The pink is very wild against the otherwise muted talent, making it feel extremely electric with a ton of energy. I really did it, honestly. It's acidy.

Anonymous said...

I really LIKED it*

Tuesday Morning said...

I know! haha the cowboy one is crazzy!
i like that

i also really liked that you really did it.