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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

wolpertingers and cactus

My day is entirely inspired by Gimme Shelter. It started on the bus this morning. I was drinking the dregs of a strong memory
the time Alicia and I got dressed up and down and psychedelic and whoreish in fake fur and lace and mini skirts and metallic silver and platforms and spike boots and went to the Morlock to see Orange Sunshine. I was drunk on a bottle of red wine and high on some California and holding onto one of the amps and dancing trying not to fall down, my soul comin right out of my body, sleeking out of skin, shimmying into some glitter and then they went into their version of Gimme Shelter. It's so grit and rough and the ultimate hard homage to one of the most badass songs of all time. If you get me started on that song I'm going to start stumbling the words around my mouth like wooden sugar cubes about the way her voice cracks and if you listen to this as loud as you should be listening to it you can hear the studio get excited about it. That voice crack MAKES the song. Her voice cracks from passion, I mean--THAT'S rock and roll, baby.
On the somewhat other hand, THIS:

is inspiring my
life right now.
The caption makes it even better, if that were possible.
"Eric Metcalfe a.k.a. Dr. Brute
B.B. playing hte part of Leopard Lady who has just decapitated Jane Mansfield on Safari with Lex Barker"

it's about the superiority of animals because
they are unfettered by unnecessary and inhibiting emotions, and wanting to become something other than human because you never felt right inside your human skin anyway.

jackalopes of the world:

The grand finale:

it's even more gross and hilarious because of HOW OBVIOUSLY these are taxidermied and just plopped onto some field in the middle of nowhere.
Jackalopes DO exist, but unfortunately, it's a disease. Shope papilloma virus. The Culprit.
If you like looking at fucked-up pictures, you can see the disease

On another note:

The Don Juan re-do.

as of 3pm.

Almost done with the cacti now.
as of 5:20pm.
Guess which one's my favourite cactus!


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