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Friday, December 19, 2008

i puta spellonyou becauzze yer mine! YEAHHH

This is by Klaus Voorman, you know his work for the Beatles' Revolver album.  Klaus was a total biscuit and this is one of his pieces.  He was also the bassist for Manfred Mann, played in the Plastic Ono Band (woo.hoo.) and blahblahblah.

i had a nightmare and i want to paint it.  it involves a peacock feather, not the fancy head part but one of the skinny bits, and a white porcelain rabbit with a girl climbing into it.
i want to do a painting of the wolpertinger drawing
AND finally do a new version of the legs and guitar thing i did that 11 year old children RIPPED TO SHREDS before i could scan it.  i don't know how terribly original it is but i don't care.  it was a fucking cool painting before it was destroyed.

tonight i felt alive again. 

Today I found a new artist that I love.  Photographer Nan Goldin.  CHECK THIS OUT!!

just to pepper all of you with some MORE EYEBALL CANDY.  I want to say, none of you know how badly i want the following to happen to me, but some of you probably want this just as badly.  you know... the whole riverboat concert, awesome dancing, creedence clearwater revival live thing.  as harriet would say, 

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