Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Monday, December 22, 2008

art things that i've touched

colour has since been added.

still need to add a wash. cerulean gradient top to bottom?

kisses from the shaky underworld


Silvia Kats said...

that drawing is beautiful. truly inspiring, no joke.

grandillustration said...

wow, the wolpertinger drawing looks a lot better. The line work and rendering are finely done...and the don juan piece is looking nice...soo much better than the first go, those cacti came out really fantastic. Looks like you are having fun with these pieces...keep on rockin. your work has inspired me to make some more art myself...thanks for that.

alycia. said...

i <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 cacti.
so this makes me happy.

Tuesday Morning said...

to me it is unbelievable that my art can inspire uhm my peers to do stuff... i never thought i could be good enough to do that.
so thanks, it makes me feel good about myself and i appreciate it

grandillustration said...

we are all in this journey together to be better artists. Continue to create and be passionate about what you are doing. You seem to be following your advice of not looking for approval in others(as you said in a previous blog post) and along with that you respect yourself(as Mavis Staples says). You may never have thought you could be good enough to inspire your peers, but you have. Further proof that hard work and determination in your vision has payed off. Continue to chart your own route through this crazy mystery of life, stick to your guts. I am trying to follow that advice myself. Glad you feel good about yourself, and keep on rockin....your work speaks for itself. take care.