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Sunday, December 7, 2008

raw nose

margot says i need to find a way to make it fun again because otherwise i'll graduate and i won't want to draw. i know this is true. but for it to be fun, there needs to be less thought--more intuitive, because she is right again, it is a strange sort of fear that manifests as procrastination. but now i am afraid, because my degree project is the actualization of my progress towards this goal, and it is nothing like anything i have created that i would show people, it is supremely imperfect, and i'm dreading standing beside this strange bulky set-up--an element of a larger element of an installation, an appendage.
an overhead projector, a sketchy ink and pencil, a collection of watercolours and writing.

Psychedelic poster art was my first influence, and remains my main inspiration, and if i can approach an assignment with the mentality of poster design, it feels as if there are infinite creative paths, and i can draw the imagery that i love and the colours are so fun to mix, and i can experiment inside of them while i am painting.

Problem: the center bird. there are too many birds. i need to depict crows. i had a Yaqui symbol in the center in the original sketch, but it bore too much resemblance to the iron cross, and i cannot find any further Yaqui iconography anywhere on the web. Andy suggested molding it kind of to a heart, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the book, and yeah, i do think that's a little cheesy. suggestions?

so for now i'm just going to paint everything but the middle. i'm painting the organ pipe cacti right now.

ain't no easy way

i'm screwed on cupcakes, though.
i'm also getting less sick

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Allison Bamcat said...

I like the piece without the center bird. I think just the flowers in the middle say enough.

Don't feel alone on the not-liking-your-approach-to-art thing. I'm restarting my degree project again. I hate children's books.