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Monday, December 29, 2008

Slinkster stone fox

(foreword: Okay so I kind of want to dedicate a post every now and then to some crazy slinkster woman i look up to or who inspires me.  lately it's been Uschi Obermaier.)



Can I just be Uschi Obermaeir without the heroin/speed habits and the dependancy on the men you're with as the determination of personality?

Uschi was a German model in the 60s who loved music and dancing and getting out of her head and was close with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, and intimate with Jimi Hendrix.  She was also involved with Kommune 1 because her boyfriend was Rainer Langhans, though she wasn't terribly political.  Her soulmate was Dieter Bockhorn, who was kind of the king of Hamburg.  He was a real wild man, going on expeditions to Africa, would water ski in the Hamburger port.  The papers tried to make him into a pimp, but he wasn't, though he had a lot friends that were.  He owned shops and would handpick many of the items.  He had a monkey called Cheetah that got really jealous of Uschi.  A bit later into their relationship, he had a cafe called "Adler" (Eagle).  Together they bought a bus and made it so amazing that they received death threats and ultimatums, in exchange for the bus.  I wish there were more pictures of the inside.  They had a royal wedding in India and ended up in Mexico, where he eventually committed suicide, sick from love for Uschi, who refused to commit.  On New Year's Eve he crashed his motorcycle into an oncoming truck.  There is WAY MORE to this and it's all in her "auto"biography, but unfortunately that is only available in German at the time being.  Since I can read German, I uhh read it.  There's a movie out, though, it's called "Eight Miles High," or "The Wild Life" (the German title).

some advice from Uschi to you: "I tell them always to do what your heart says, and don’t let yourself fear, because fear in this society kicks out any kind of ambition or wild streak, so they conform. I tell them to go by your heart."


also this has been insanely inspiring. thanks to Lilu.

I've been thinking a lot about my aesthetic. Mainly about how narrow it is. I think one of my resolutions next year will be to broaden my aesthetic. I feel very limited within, though the passion I do feel for it is very intense.
Yesterday after work I biked to the South End with Nadia to meet her friends.  It is so good be with west-coast'rs, we all have similar humour and I basically laughed the entire time.  Probably at things that weren't even funny.  One of them was so much San Francisco that it was painful in the homesick kinda way.  They had just drunk a pitcher and we went to this candy/antique store that smelled like dust.  Champaigne truffles among over-priced vinyl, feather fans, metal mermaid link purses 100 years old, big rings, lamps and books, gumdrops, chocolates and lollipops and souveniers.  I bought my first Oscar Wilde.  I'm waiting to read him until after I finish Dr. John's autobiography.  Maybe another New Year's resolution can be to stop reading so many goddamn autobiographies and start educating myself on philosophy or reading classic cats like Wilde.  He sold it to me for $3.  
After that the two boys bought a 6 pack of Pabst and we sat on some stoop and laughed our ass-cheeks right off.  Like Steven's story where he took methadone and blacked out and came to in an alley getting head from this guy who was taking him home on his bike and he took out his cellphone and called his friend and could only say "get here fast" over and over.  or something.  And realizing again how much fun the bay area is, especially when compared to Boston.  They were sort of name-calling some people that passed us and gave us dirty looks, "puritans!"  I don't know, Steven was wearing a pin on his knit sweater that said "I'm bi-sexual but no, I don't think you are attractive" and had these motorcycle boots that were so worn-in that they were more like slippers.  He kind of reminded me of Joel Gion.  

Oh!  I got Tepid Peppermint Wonderland for Christmas!  Also JJ Got Live RTX, and Howls From The Hills.  As well as the cougar belt buckle and motorcycle boots and Lush Flying Fox shower gel and some other wonderous gifts.

Also I think "you're a stone fox" is probably the best compliment I've never heard.  so get to it!

listen loud, it's the only way.


abigail pamela mckenzie said...

this can only be you miss kerstin..hurray i found you..due to a mild amount of facebook stalking i discovered you had a blog..put more of your work up i wanna see what youve been up to soul sisteeeeeeerrrrrrrr..


Tuesday Morning said...

yay! abi!! i'm going to follow you on this and then we shall be forever updated. i added a flickr account gadget on the side of my page so you can see my latest pieces without getting lost inside this blog.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday I was excited to hear about your Wilde purchase. But then I got scared that you may toss him as just some stuffy old writing. I almost totally did. so just peace of mind, I'm going to tell you a few things about Wilde. First I hope your collection includes the Picture of Dorian Gray. Because I believe that is the greatest introduction to Wilde's writing you could have. A bit cliche perhaps but it prepares you perfectly for styling and meanings of his plays. If you have the novel please read it first. Second Wilde is not a very serious man. his writing is meant to be taken in a sarcastic and mocking tone. Though at times there are very brilliant bits of philosophy. It can be hard to sort it all out because sometimes the philosophy and the sarcasm are one in the same. Wilde has a droll, odd and a tiny bit dark sense of humor. It's something to get used to. He has very well hidden ironies in his stories watch out for them. That is all I can think to say with out using examples that would spoil the stories for you.
you know who Uschi looks like? that girl maya we talked about/sorta gossiped about one time on the live journal. I have more to say about this post but I don't wanna leave a super long comment so I'll write you a message instead. oh and I got your package with the present!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love it. more of my appreciation and thoughts to come in a message!