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Friday, February 27, 2009

Triangles and Pyramids

Most inspiring of anything right now is this video:

I believe in this kind of magic. I believe in animalism primalism. raw, untapped wild whirlwind energy that starts as a shot in your stomach, a fuck to your gut. I believe in panther seduction, re-claiming of our human truths. I believe in staring Death in the face and fucking it on a short-circuit. I believe in practicing BEing. in it spitting off my body, sleaking off my limbs, shaking my dead ends. I want all the ugliness inside everyone splayed out and loved till it's sick. I think we've got to be honest about our animal nature.
Eat, Shit, Fuck.
that's all it's about, don't fool yourself about being above that. give into the primal mindfully. No regrets, no apologies. Get ugly get mean, indulge in what makes you feel good.
I ate a burrito with Liz and Penelope at Copley the wind smacking us in our faces, blowing over cups of water and sour cream, frustrated skaters kicking their boards, gravel and discomfort. tonight I want to burn and feel alive, i want to skim the edge

Graciela Iturbide:

Mexican photographer. wild dogs, hair, birds, silver gelatin prints of the bases of cacti. East LA cholas.

In "Cholas, White Fence, East L.A.," the women of White Fence (some deaf) throw gang signs as they pose in front of figures from Mexican history -- Juarez, Zapata, Villa -- none of whom they recognize. "They thought they were mariachis."

Steven Harrington & Justin Krietemeyer
Somehow, We All Seem Connected

luca ionescu:

I am trying to find this one artist, a woman who I think is Mexican, she did a series of self-portraits where she covered her body in earth, there are photographs... I think her name is Ana or Anna and that her last name starts with a "M."

Your soundtrack for the night is brought to you by The Myrrors, see if you can still get their album for free here. THE song is "Mother Of All Living."

There's a real love of shapes right now, like geometric elements. I find myself bizarrely attracted to triangles and pyramids right now. I really believe in the collective consciousness because I can't explain why else I am digging everything that I am at the same time. You know? The whole motorcycle 70s neo-psychedelic thing. We are living in a really rich time, we have so much creative freedom available to us. We should be taking full advantage of it.

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Lilu said...

I LOVE this post, because it's so positive in a way. And it really shows the good states your mind can get into.
you have gotten into the Mexican thing, haven't you? hahahhaha, oh but I do love those photos, especially the dead goat one cause it reminds of a time when I was super little and my family was driving across country and a guy tried to sell us a dead goat and all the kids FREAKED out. he was holding it limp like that. Damn cholas, ghetto bitches make us all look bad, and damn the cholos too.
Poncho Villa?
Anyway I just wanted to say I loved this post, you are right about all the creative energy out there. I think we just gotta channel it more and make something really amazing happen!! It's starting to get stagnant right now, we need to kick it up again.
Love ya, I hope you make it to Mexico someday, maybe I'll see you there.