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Saturday, September 11, 2010

could see the ferris wheel

i got in a car accident 10 minutes away from seeing ZZ Top LIVE! In Concert! Head-on with the airbag punching me in the face. my ankle twisted in my cowboy boots, sprained. the car filled with smoke so fast and i didn't want to open my eyes because they burned so hard i thought they'd fall out of my head. trying to find the door handle but realize i can't even stand up.
i went to the ER in an ambulance and i was crying and the guy asked me what was wrong and i told him i could be seeing ZZ Top right now. he told me no, what hurt with my body.
i had this "vision" dream which i decided i would draw in my sketchbook, blow up really big onto watercolour paper and do a fucking bigass painting. it was about the accident but also really weird cuz, you know, it was a dream. i stopped working on it the second i could hobble around enough to distract myself from sitting in place for 8 hours a day.

yeah my right eye was essentially glued shut from the swelling and the cuts/raw skin for 3 days. now i'm having floaters in my vision, which sucks.

mostly i've been working on stuff like this:

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Massi said...

holy shit i hope youre ok! i kinda wanna see the watercolor.....