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Sunday, November 16, 2008

she gets off baby off baby off baby

I deleted it off the UCF site because someone's comment made me really violent and I needed to prevent myself from attacking his passive-aggressiveness and insulting his manhood in what would have been a tirade that sealed my fate as a non-illustrator. Look, I can't work with your deadlines, I can't make myself do what you want. I'll get it done, no question, don't start lecturing me. Oh my god. If he has the actual huevos to bring that up in front of me, he's going to get it. I hope he doesn't because it's going to reveal my incapacity to be professional. Whatever. I have issues with passive-aggressive people. Don't fuck with me.

this is how i feel.

RTX is such the perfect soundtrack right now. feedbackkkkk distortionnn howling guitarr in distance, coming together, socking you in the face with building drums THEN weird metal tone " Well I'm the garbage collectorRRR *metal double
ciao chiquitas and chicossssss


Lydia said...

awwww I'm sorry people tried to fuck with you sug. The carbron, if he fucks with you again just yell at him "hacete cojer forro" or if you want to be really bad " vete a la verga como su madre come miedra, punta" that way if he doesn't know spanish you get to vent and he's just confused. the first one translates into basically" go get fucked asshole" the second is "go suck dick like your mom eats shit, bitch"
If you wanna be an illustrator don't you kinda have to do deadlines sometimes? wait do you wanna become and illustrator? oh the confusion. I know what you mean though, I fear I'll never be able to handle deadlines as a journalist! thus ruining me.
I don't think you have an incapacity to be professional. I don't think anybody does, cept maybe drunks. hahahha tuesday are you secretly a drunk? cause if so I'll be happy to drink with you.
much love sug

Silvia Kats said...

quick suggestion but only minor if you have already started your final don't worry about it, but I really like the position and pose of the original afro woman. Its a little less central on the page. Also I don't think she needs the panther tits too, I just think it's more powerful as just the faces. But yeah, these are nit picky and I love how its coming, just suggestions.

Silvia Kats said...

Actually I just read Alison's comment about that other pose being to sexual, so yeah maybe stick with the new one? Maybe I missed one in between? I thought there was one in between... Ah well.

Tuesday Morning said...

hahahaha lilu this post already kind of got me into trouble. i just have to like... deal with my anger and impulsivity (now a word!) better. go suck dick like your mom eats shit? FUCK. that's crazy. I don't even want to think about how that would go.
No, I'm not secretly a drunk. well maybe I am because alcoholism is in my genes but that's why I don't drink a lot.
I don't want to be an illustrator. well... I want to be the kind of illustrator I want to be.
I guess I just don't like being professional because I feel like I'm compromising my integrity. It feels like I'm lying about myself.

and silvia,
it IS too late. but i think that the panther boobs make up for the not-as-sexual-pose.

Silvia Kats said...

well cool, i think you can pull it off!

Lydia said...

oh no you're so angry! and impulsive....... you know but you don't seem like an angry kind of person. I mean you're so sweet, and have a gentle smile. Why do you get so mad?
yeah it's interesting to see the difference between the way mexicans cuss people out and americans. we tend to be more intense and more creative. like mexicans love songs, they'll make up really brutal songs about people but they don't even sound that bad when you first hear them.you have to listen to the lyrics really carefully before you fully understand the insult. or insults are sorta odd like "kelly has kissed so many mouths her own has no taste left". it's just interesting to note the difference.

just because you have drunks in your family doesn't mean you'll be an alcholic. my family was almost nothing but drunks, but I still drink as I please. because really it's all personal choices, even if it is in your genes that doesn't automatically mean if you drink to much you won't be able to stop. cause all alcholics can stop whenever they please, genes or no genes. my father was one and they day he decided to change he just stopped drinking cold turkey, and hasn't had a damn thing to drink in about 16 years. It's all self control.

ok I think you need to explain to me what you think professional means. cause I'm not sure we're thinking of the same thing. Cause to me it's doing your job very well and doing your job in the right amount of time to the highest standard you can so you're and the client is happy. and dealing with people in a very polite professional and smart manner. it's the only way to deal with a business in my eyes.

Tuesday Morning said...

well to me professional is a way of presenting yourself. like straight/square, you know, well-dressed. i think. i had a better answer a few days ago but i can't remember it now.
i don't know why i get so mad. probably something with ma past. that lyric insult example is so good! kind of reminds me of old blues lyrics

oh drinking. well i don't know, being drunk doesn't feel that good anyway, i'd rather be high. see, now THIS is professional--talking about drug intake on my art website.