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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Talk to me

the pretty finished 7" wraparound.  I'm going to play around with the sky in the the upper left because I liked it better left white.

Since I'm a complete junkie for music, I want to turn each and every one of you into an equally obsessed nutter.  It's a little bit like being a religious fanatic I guess.
cuz god is love
"god dog sex death" - Serena's motorcycle

let us begin.

"Screaming Gun" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Wow that was a hard decision.  I changed my mind three times.  I guess it's not TECHNICALLY the first song I've shared with you, since I just uploaded Cheval Sombre's "I Sleep" and posted it as an edit in the previous post.
I was going to do a classic, "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations, but I figured you've probably heard that before.
So here's something new.
It has harmonica.

This is my absolutely rejected test piece for Degree Project:
I agree with the general consensus that this expression does not correspond nor relate my experience whatsoever.  It's aesthetically decent.  Minus the background.  But now I'm in this thing where I'm drawing thirty feet of doodles, on assignment to come across my style.  In my senior year, with a month left to come up with two pieces.  


Alycia said...

i love "aint no easy way"

+ your watercolors are beautiful.

Tuesday Morning said...

yeah! ain't no easy way is a fantastic rowdy foot stomping shake-down one. i really don't know if i could choose a favourite, but Heart+ Soul is impossible for me to stay in place for.
if you know them, then you probably are solving the mystery! ;)

*thank you!