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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Now I've got to do some sketches for Word and Image's alphabet book assignment, finish the Isabella Stewart Gardner piece, interview Charlie Sawyer about groupies, go to court, and go out to eat with Liz' family in celebration of her birthday if I manage to finish any of that.
I can't believe Obama actually won.  I had NO faith left in the American people.  It felt like a dream when Stephen told me.  I started pinching myself and everything got really surreal.  I can't believe the American people were able to deal with themselves and do something good after all of these years of SHIT.  The streets erupted into cheering and cars were honking and we ran outside and I kind of danced on the sidewalk and I was smiling so much my face hurt and I couldn't concentrate on work anymore and when I got home Pepperanne escaped and tried to hide under the porch and Nadia and Mike were drinking whisky on the couch and we watched Obama's speech except we realized it was THE WRONG ONE when he was like, in a week's time, we will ask ourselves if we want the Bush regime for a third term.  On November 4th....
Mike and I were like, uh WHAT?  What do we not know about this crazy idea of a third term?  And then we realized it was the wrong speech.
Oh classic Kerstin.

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