Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is a practice painting for what may become the best thing that's ever happened to me art-wise. This is with leather acrylics.
The canvas is 4"x6"

The "assignment" was to do an Hawaiian landscape with a waterfall. This is the piece in progress, maybe 70%, maybe 80%. I need some objective help with this as far as technique is concerned. Any other critique is also highly appreciated.

The opportunity is to paint panels on leather that are then sewn into leather jackets. I'm talking real rock and roller clothing. South Paradiso.
You can see an example of how my work would be integrated into the clothing if you click on "jackets" and then hover over "window of the sun."
To have found a way my work can be functional and time-based, worn around, and on the bodies of the people I love... I mean, THAT'S where it's at for me.

The first piece of art I attempted to make upon moving here. It's continuing on my theme of expressing my iconography and goals.
It's inside of a matchbox.

This is the base for it. Johnny's knees will be facing the inside.

From the end of Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels." Was very much into the freedom/fear/adrenaline triangle.


Kevin said...

Everything looks awesome.

Lilu said...

I can see what you mean by the sorta blurry detail. I like it but I think there are a couple of things that might change. It works great as a painting but on a jacket it might be a bit too much and also the colors maybe it's just cause it's a photograph but they seem kinda flat. I know you were having trouble with the colors but I guess I was expecting less green more bright flowering plants.I can't give much technique criticism cause I ain't painter. But I think it is shaping up really great. The South Paradiso people are gonna love it. I was looking over the jackets and I think you should try coming up with some jacket designs that sorta blend more with the jacket like birds of paradise one, the butterflies are free or even the maltese chopper. I think that type of work would give you a lot of freedom to work with luscious curvy, psychadelic woman lines or focus on one symble of your iconography embellish it and make it pop. I think you'd be really good at it.

Your match box alter is amazing!! How'd you manage to do all that so tiny? Wow.

grandillustration said...

wow, I am blown away by this post so much good stuff I see. I appreciate your creativity, it is motivating and inspiring. see ya later. dream on.