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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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grandillustration said...

how is LA? I have been enjoying the rain showers of CT. Nice playlist by the way.

Tuesday Morning said...

LA is absolutely perfect and amazing and i'm having the best time ever except that i haven't fucking found a job and i'm running out of money and it's this giant depressive stressturd just rubbing its shit all over me.

yeah i'm pretty stoked on this playlist. I really wanted to put "sweet thang" by shuggie otis but playlist.com didn't have it, only strawberry letter

so what've you been up to?

grandillustration said...

Glad to hear LA is perfect and that it is amazing. I have been living at home trying to make the best of it and have been succeeding though I have also been having trouble finding a job. I am not used to being unemployed so its been a bit of a struggle to stay sane at times, actually it has been a learning experience to find ways to have enjoyment without money. I tend to get very angry around my area because everyone is so hyper, but I just do what I enjoy and probably annoys a lot of people, but I am don't feel guilty. I have been listening to a bunch of music and burning a lot of wood(my neighbors actually called the fire department on me, i didn't get in trouble though, it was just a big fiasco...everyone is so uptight, but I do what I want fuck them..hhaha) Time has slowed down a ton for me and I feel like I have lived a months and months since school even though it has only been a short amount of time. Oh the stars out here are so nice, finally some clear skies(it has been raining everyday for about a month), I saw two shooting stars last night...oh and the wild dreams I have been having. Once I get some money want to buy a drum set. things are going good, take care. :)

Tuesday Morning said...

yeah man unemployment is kind of depressing. i wish i could just languish in it, but it kinda sucks when you're at the .99 cent store and you decide you just can't pay that much for beans.
it's going to work out one way or another and i know if i daydream right now how it might work out, it won't in any of those ways.
i've been getting more into old country and rock 'n' roll, and nothing THAT new has hit me over the head yet. Well, Primal Scream's "Loaded" turned me on for a while, that was real nice and different.

Good about the dreams.
I just had one last night that I remembered and I haven't remembered any in a very long time.

grandillustration said...

ya unemployment sucks, I am still looking for a job and it sucks because no one is hiring not even fast food shit holes and walmart/kmarts, which I really wouldn't want to work at anyways but I will take anything right now just to have some money and freedom from sitting in my parents house under their rules....kinda frustrating. I will tell you I haven't remembered my dreams for a long ass time...like I would remember one dream a year and was really depressing because dreams are usually insane for me and the craziest shit happens and I usually wake up in a jolt from a dream. All of a sudden I have been having the craziest dreams every night and it is so fucking sweet....the places I have been and the shit I have seen in my dreams is insane, lovin it, hope you get a job soon so you can continue to live in LA since it seems to be your thing and you love it, rock on and I know you will get by out in that far away land of LA which is so foreign to me. I think I might just say rock on just to say it again..haha. take care :)