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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this past week:

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1 & 2 & 3: motorcycle cowboy
4: Penelope's last night in LA, hearing the intro coming out of a car at 3:30am.
5: Tiki Ti and how we never made it there
6: visiting Aaron's apartment and listening to the entire Mr. Guitar comp of Link Wray's genius
7: not technically this past week, but riding through Griffith Park with Nattlesnakes
8: I think this was dedicated to me at Y's England/temp. goodbye party
9: what nights with Alicia are like. dancing to this in a really expensive well-designed house and smoking a hashhish blunt
10: Blue Cheer just because.
11: AC/DC is now amazing to me and I can indulge in them shamelessly and fully
12: as with Black Sabbath.
13: Also an Alicia experience. Riding north TO Big Sur and Santa Cruz, and coming back through the valley. The lyrics are an experience all themselves.

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