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Friday, May 8, 2009

Wooly Bully

things to improve about my dancing:

more out and less inside of my body
greater hand vocabulary
learn the standards so i can incorporate them as desired. mashed potato, classic twist, really all of this:

a little more stomach control like bellydancing kind

material things to do list:
polyurethane pull-on go go boots, if not originally silver, to be painted so
fringed two piece go-go outfit, preferably an off-white
a flick-knife
multi-purpose sandals for walking long distances and dancing
oh yeah damn also have to get a motorcycle jacket i guess. i wanted to be gifted one but that's unlikely to happen within a year.
amateur jewelry machinery so i can drill mini holes into whatever i want and make fucking badass shiit. now that i have my own silk-screening kit, i'm going to MAKE things and make some money that way too

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Emily Cobb said...

i took a lindy hop class once...i'll see if i can remember any of it