Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the resurgence

of magic.
If you haven't noticed, deep inside the layers of current subcultures, there's a building fascination and re-examination of magic.  It's abstract and yet so specific.  We've got necklaces of crystals--no longer middle-aged lady new age crisis pendants, but fuckin' hip shiit.  
We've got this universal/collective conscious for animal prints, faux and real fur, teeth necklaces, pussywillow earrings, leather clothes, feathers everywhere
the re-emergence of motorcycles as vehicles to get at freedom.
there's a lot of symbolism going around.  And what about the newest psych rock music movement... that's a real general term but for the sake of convenience...  I think it's because of the time we live in.  When we live in the craziest of times and mass society's eating their own shit and thinking it tastes like sugar we've lost control.  so here's the undercurrent, the ones who DRIVE society, saying all right you don't want to give us anything but we don't want your sugarshit anyway and we're gonna take power this other way.
So we dream real hard
get out of this reality best we can and create our own.  think on transcendental experiences

the expression of getting back to our mystical spiritual (pagan, really. not that i think of it that way) roots
but those universal symbols across time that have always represented the same concepts are coming in pretty fast, have been in place for a while.
The West, cowboys, wild horses, hard drinking, grass smoking, vintage cars that will transport you into a different time, the same diners with tiles and booths and counters and jukeboxes, vinyl records... it just goes on.


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grandillustration said...

"find transcendental motives for sublunary action"-Aldous Huxley

Emily Cobb said...

also that triangle symbol is Delta, meaning change

Tuesday Morning said...

all right! right on! love both of these comments

grandillustration said...

great playlist, been drawing to it.