Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 hours

more into the road.

Virginia tonight, Memphis tomorrow. rock 'n' roll, baby!

working on concepts is the most i can do right now.

yours truly following the sun,


grandillustration said...

So you're on the road, I bet it is magical...I actually was thinking about you, on your journey to LA and how it must be so sweet. Wish the best on your travels.

Tuesday Morning said...

oh the road.
predominance of trucks, no exercise. almost always this hunger. how state lines seem to align with landscape changes. how landscapes change at the same time the sky chances. every state's sky its own. yeah, i guess it's magical. New Mexico's my favourite. that's where i am now
there's a railroad right on the other side of the street, which is Route 66. Walking down the strip, the people we almost killed out forced to exploit themselves, exploiting us. so fucked up. so many layers. kicking pebbles on this shit clay baked crack sidewalk. i can't speak about this because i'm not good enough to