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Friday, May 1, 2009

magic realism

to get yours, you can go here: http://www.thebigview.com/pastlife/

I've never been very interested in Frida Kahlo.  I always thought of her as over-hyped, like Andy Warhol.  But that kind of changed when I saw this painting in class on Thursday.

two very inspirational artists right now:

make the coolest fucking jewelry you've ever seen.



Allison Bamcat said...

The movie "Frida" about Frida Kahlo's life is amazing. It's a really graphic representation of how masculine she was, the many tragedies in her life (several miscarriages and divorces) and the horrible spinal injury she got when she was 13. It's so beautifully directed, and I have to say it's one of my favorite movies.

I highly recommend it.

lydia mata said...

I had forgotten all about him!! Fashion photographer, romanticism, topsy turvy, fuck me by the wild stream portrait photographer, artistic wonder. I should have known he was right up your alley! Hides his little self over in Cap Hill I believe, yes?
The jewelry is rather wonderful I especially enjoy the buffalo head.

Frida Kahlo never a big fan I gotta tell you. She flouted to much in latin art community, to me she represents so many things that just scream for you to rebel against.

Tuesday Morning said...

haha fuck me by the wild stream portrait photographer.
what a great title!
i think we should think of titles like that for ourselves. like whole bylines. so today i have to meet with art directors and i have no business attire and i'm way too stubborn to get any so i'm just going to dress like i'm going to a show except try for less of the classyILLUSION-until-you-realize-my-shirt-is-seethrough and more like wearing a shirt that doesn't show my nipples.
it's no fun ya know.

yeah baby, buffalos! so i'm listening to pamela love's band right now GUESS WHAT THEIR NAME IS?! SCORPIO RISING. yeah.
that amazing experimental gay biker film. also it's all girls and they kinda blow but the fact is--they're doing it. and it inspires me to think fuck it you know i could be doing that too. no one said i had to be good.
i'll be the silver dancer and back-up singer, melodic tambourine player.

word about Kahlo. she's so "cutting edge" that it's like she lost herSELF along the way and now she's some universal image

Lydia said...

We should come up with those titles for ourselves. The hard thing for me is to decide what exactly I do. It changes like everyday, oh well guess I'll need like 50 of 'em.
Why were you meeting with art directors and how did it go? You shouldn't be so stubborn against business attire. You can look professional and bad ass at the same time!! Trust me on this one I'm an image consultant. May I suggest the regular black pencil skirt and matching coat with a more casual, bold abstract patterned shirt such as:http://es.tinypic.com/r/24d4p4p/5
Add some sheer white stockings as a departure from the classic black, Some killer pumps, The shirt opens the door for no more than 3 bold rings and a heavy necklace. Wear the jacket into the meeting look professional, afterwards peel it off and just look stylin'.
Or you can take it in an other Direction by wearing a high neckline, 3-4 inches above the knee hem line, form fitting dress. sorry I don't have time to re-size images
The dress can be totally more form fitting than this one or it can flow up to you.Don't go for black, go for white or pale or brilliant blue, no dull pastels. and make sure the fabric is high quality. add sheer nude stockings some cage, ankle strap pumps possibly or normal pumps if you need to be even more professional and a leather jacket:http://es.tinypic.com/r/2d94ryt/5
Once again the doors are open to the bold jewelry you like just don't over load on it.
or a dashing over coat in the winter months: http://es.tinypic.com/r/35ivxon/5
if in the winter months you go with the over coat a black dress is ok.

HAHAHAHa yeah that's true nobody says you have to be good at what you do, you just have to do it!! I never thought about that before.

Come on sug fuck it, do whatever you want screw the right and wrongs, the good and bads just live.

Like Kahlo if you want I can't. I must rebel against the perceived Latin art!! Plus I never really got into her. but yeah still down with the old gaurde!!
You're lucky you're white. So when ever anyone talks about your art they just talk about your art, not your amazing fucking culture and how you are not white.