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Saturday, October 25, 2008

rough day/year

I can't handle Illustration anymore.  I'm in the studio until midnight every night and I'm not getting anything done.  I've only finished one project, a bullshit one for Word & Image.  I have 8 finished pieces due this week.  I can't do this, I'm wearing myself down physically and emotionally I'm always on the verge.  I'm going to talk to Irena about this.  The class that bothers me the most is Word & Image, second most is Advanced Drawing.  That one more superficially, because it's a class I've already taken and passed, with an A, but the curriculum is completely different this time around.  The structure and assignments of junior year classes are just very different and they are everything that I hate about school.  The last three years have made me want to drop out, I've had to force myself to graduate.  The senior year studios are like a sigh of relief, FINALLY, a system I can learn from, and now I can't even fully concentrate on them.  It's incredibly frustrating, and infuriating.
Essentially, I feel punished for studying abroad last semester.  I need to graduate on time because I'm moving to LA and because I don't have money to stay in school any longer.  I want to switch to Art and Design but I wish I could keep Illustration IV and Degree Project.
I just want to pass the other ones.  I'm just not used to settling for less than a B+, so it's going to be really weird letting go of that.

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