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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is a silk-screen I did while I was in Rotterdam at WDKA.  It's one of two of my favourite pieces I produced this year.  I don't produce a lot of work.  I'm beginning to suspect that I am a perfectionist in what I allow people to see of my creative expressions.
It's for my Dutch soul-mate band, vague friends of mine... '69 dirty lysergic blues rock that'll blow out your brain.  I told them that I can't describe the live experience in any adequate way, but attempted to, using the following two examples:
(1)  like being injected with pure seratonin because I feel SO HAPPY, it's like I don't have control over my happiness and I'm just grinning and THRILLED.
(2)  as if every single atom that makes up my body and the immediate area around it had the ability to cum for the duration of the set

Basically: I love them more than life and I miss them so much it hurts.  Come over and let's listen to their records.  Seriously.  

for the near future/life plan:

-throw myself into Degree Project and Illustration IV
-create a portfolio I am proud of
-Contact Arthur Magazine, Arik Roper, Tim Clark, Mitchell Meseke, Waxpoetics
-work and save money
::: don't buy anything for myself (unless it's more winter clothes [BUT NO VINTAGE.  no, kerstin.  No.] OR the subscription to Arthur because I can't go up to Portland all that often to get my fix OR entrance to Soul-le-lu-jahSLASHconcert tickets.  What else do I buy myself, anyway?  I just am not going to allow myself to look at records.  Or vintage anything.)
-graduate on time, find a person to take over the remainder of my lease, allowing me to get to LA at the beginning of summer.

-in the two weeks following graduation, move to LA.  
-market myself, find work
::: show up often at the two bars/clubs Peter mentioned, call Steve if I don't run into him anywhere for a month.  become a networking WHORE.  yes, more than I am now.
-learn to ride a motorcycle
::: save up money for the motorcycle safety course, get licensed, then save up money for the motorcycle.
-get a job old school go-go dancing at a club.  a cool club, not a sleaze palace.
-build my legend.

-at 30 consider becoming a tour manager or an artist manager and/or moving to Europe
-at 80, buy a RV, loads of cocaine, heroin, acid, and speed, pump my body full of them and tour every single national park in America, while simultaneously teaching myself astronomy and the finer points of professional photography.
-die of a dramatic overdose or be murdered while fighting for a cause I really believe in.

I have no ounce of doubt that I am going to be a fucking underground legend.  I have way too much passion for life for anything to hamper me.  
Goodnight, my dumplings.

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Anonymous said...

Underground Legend,
Your outrage at Will in this comment was unjustified, for he never said his work was crappy at all.
"Really crappy scan, but you get the idea ..." means that it was a blurry (crappy) photo of his fine work, and that he obviously should have really scanned it.