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Thursday, March 4, 2010


BERLIN KELPIE nymphette silent siren
the figures in my head have always freaked me out, this is the first time I accepted the weirdness that came out naturally and it felt really good and i think i might enjoy drawing if i could let go all the time instead of trying to conform to the more realistic way of figurative drawing, there's always been something just a little off about my figures anyway, when I rely too heavily on reference. I'm excited
ALSO, I walked into DicE magazine's offices yesterday morning and told them I thought my art was right on with what they were doing, showed them my portfolio, and when I got home around 5 and checked my e-mail, I saw that they'd written me one only minutes after I'd left their office! They said they really dug my style and would be honored if I'd do their next cover.
so stoked.


Emily Cobb said...

use that last drawing for the cover!!! it's so freaky!

also i LOVE the horse one and what the first one means.

Massi said...

cool stuff man. i really like the way the girls face came out on the horse drawing. from your head? congrats on the mag cover thats sweet!

Crystal Diamante said...

Yes yes yes congrats! Be sure to post it here.

Tuesday Morning said...

the face in the kelpie one is based off reference the body in the last one is (obviously) from my head...ugh.
Yeah, super stoked on the cover--hope it goes through. it's a pretty rad magazine

Alycia Garcia said...

sooo exciting.
love the flying bunny.

stephen said...

congratulations sounds like alot of fun. I cant wait to see how it turns out!