Swallow Crystals and Laugh Prisms.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introducing an obscenely chronicled collection of my inspirations:


i had four mini pancakes for dinner with sugar and applesauce and two black teas and i'm listenin to alice cooper for what feels like hours it might not even be alice cooper anymore.


grandillustration said...

I love your tumblr blog. Really cool stuff on there. I love the images, really inspiring stuff, makes me feel good. Thanks for sharing. I am not too familiar with tumblr but I guess some of the stuff is reposted from other blogs. I been checking out their stuff too...really cool stuff and thanks for sharing, it opened some doors to new inspiration. Hope everything is working out for you Kerstin.

Tuesday Morning said...

yay! i love my tumblr thing, too. it's perfect because i obsessively collect images and now instead of amassing hundreds of jpgs on my desktop, i can keep a journal of my findings all on one interactive site.
things are FINALLY working out. it took so long... but i'm impatient.
thanks for the comment, mike, glad those images were inspiring to you as well. hope things are good and moving for you, too.

grandillustration said...

I am glad to hear that things are finally working out for you but I knew they would, you are one determined soul. Things are moving for me as well. I made some huge changes in my life in the past months. I finally kicked all my addictions, the last hurdle being nicotine but I love that I did. It was killing my focus and endurance. Now I am becoming my former motivated self again, and haven't been this focused in years. It is like they say, you need to hit rock bottom to realize what needs to be done. Shit is coming together slowly but I feel empowered to deal with the shit and its great. Music and art have become such huge obsessions lately even more than they were before. I feel the fears drifting away...and I laugh at the shit I used to be afraid of. I am for the most part happy right now, things are flowing....take care Kerstin and talk to you soon. Keep in touch.

Tuesday Morning said...

well dude! Congratulations! gawdamn that's some willpower, kicking all your vices and addictions... yeah nicotine. that's a tough one. it IS reallyreally bad, but it's easy to write it off when you look at it in comparison with other addictions. i mean, slaying that would be REALLY commendable.
anyway all the re-motivating and re-enthusing is terribly exciting.
god it all sounds so good.