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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

joshua tree
cindy took this of me in the frond cave in Malibu
joshua tree morning again
crawling out of the cave


grandillustration said...

great photos. Looks like some great times. How have you been? It seems like a lot has been going on for you. I wish the best.

Tuesday Morning said...

i've been all over the place, it's been rough lately but i keep skimming through somehow. something big is going to happen soon, just like it has been all along. i'm ready to have my own place but i'm struggling financially. it's becoming an un-ignorable priority though.
also i've developed a deep affinity for cereal.
what's been going on for you?

Caio Fernandes said...

this blog is really great !
why did i take so long to discover you ?!!

grandillustration said...

nice to hear from you. Whats been going on for me is constant evolution and learning. working a job here and there, but sorta screwed that up a bit but all I have to blame on that is myself. was sorta living in the gutter a bit, now just kinda living in solitude sorta, not by choice just none of my old friends seem to understand(or tolerate) my different viewpoints so now just trying to start all over again and continue to do what I like and hopefully works out for the best, if not at least I am happier. So for now I am just going to keep on moving and leave the past where it belongs. I really want it to get warmer out sooner than later, I am tired of being stuck inside, but winter will be gone soon. talk to ya sometime soon.

Tuesday Morning said...

caio: i don't know man!!! cool.

GRAND: maybe the something big happened this morning when i got my 30 day notice at this live-in nanny situation i've been doing since last fall. so once again i'm forcefully catapulted into sudden financial stress. things seem really impossible.
i think it's dangerous that i always feel deep within me that i will always be okay in the end. sometimes that confidence scares me because i remember how hard last summer was on me. this time it's going to be a little bit different because i've got two really good friends who wouldn't let me be homeless, but i feel too responsible a person to rely on anything. fuck.
i think art's going to be the only thing to get me out of this financial standstill. ironic? the thing i went to SCHOOL FOR is going to have to be my career?
i keep resisting it, but the normal-workforce consistently rejects me...
well here i go