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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Groupie and The Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle

This is it!
These are my degree project pieces in the order I began them.  It's interesting to see the progression and also where I stopped taking it farther.  Today I'm setting up my installation.  I finished sewing the pathway last night but I haven't finished sewing the room.
I need to get transparencies printed after work.
And I DESPERATELY need to find a SIM student to help me rent out lights with coloured gells.  So if any of you know anyone in SIM please please let me know.  9784573126.

∆∆❍∇∆  kisses from the underground

1 comment:

Emily Cobb said...

i like how one of these pieces didn't get that lovely delicate photoshop scanner treatment. really, i do.