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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fuck you

This is the start for my invitation to my degree project installation. i'm going to print it out and write over it and probably do a drawing and then put it back into the computer with that stuff and print it out. It's at a really low resolution and i'm going to print it out small and it's going to be good eventually.

For printmaking i threw my plate in the acid and let it eat away at my etching for an hour and i'm excited to see how the stuff i saved with hard ground is gonna print. i find this process very appropriate and reflective of what's going on with me mentally regarding that situation.
you know
i'm also going to do a piece on the idea of accepting our animalistic nature, a neanderthal woman with her legs spread apart.
and i'm doing pieces that are sort of odes to my current iconography.
i also think my new header is perfect.

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