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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Bananas

i started this painting months ago. it's inspired by RTX. this was way before anyone had any idea they'd change their name to Black Bananas! YEP. creepy coincidences abound--hath re-inspired me to continue onward. i have since darkened the banana and detailed the peyote plants and painted the skulls. much more intricate detailing to come. but for now i thought i'd share the beginning with y'all:

I'm starting to feel that this is a square format piece. i think i'll still paint it like it's not and later end up cropping it. i'm brainstorming about a background. i want something very simple or perhaps nothing at all. my brainstorming reminded me of this piece i did as part of a triad of Emily back in freshman or sophomore year at MassArt.

not wanting to paint bigger than 9"x11" hasn't changed a bit, but i HAVE since figured out how to not completely muddy a good face...
i'm looking at these types of high horizon photos for a guide on possible backgrounds. i'm attracted to yellow or cerulean washes. maybe a tree line, i don't know yet. maybe just shadows of palms--against the "sunlight." for a very Southern Californian feel. feel free to inputtt put


Massi said...

love the way you wrote "buick". awesome

Tuesday Morning said...

me too! and thanks. it's cool you're still lookin' at this ole thang.

Crystal Diamante said...

I'm too drunk to think of a comment so I want to click "like" but there's no "like." :(

How are you?

Tuesday Morning said...

stoked for Christmas for some reason, or maybe just for the preparation. thinking only of Jimi today.
we should catch up again soon! i want to hear how your job is treating you!