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Monday, November 7, 2011

Stardustfuzz Etsy shop + trophy news

for any of you who may have dreamed of owning a piece of mine, i just set up an etsy shop yesterday!  it's a still a pink infant raisin, and will probably go through many changes, but i threw together a banner and am working on adding personal touches here and there.  For now there's only 1 piece for sale--the Gogol Bordello portrait I did nearly 2 years ago for the Far West Almanac, but Wednesday you can expect 2 more pieces.
i'm pretty excited about this!
To set up a shop Etsy runs a $1.01 credit card/bank account check thing, charges $0.20 per listing and takes a 3.5% sales fee.  I chose Etsy over Ebay because Ebay stresses me out!  I like the community on Etsy.

in go-go related news, check out this baby!

hopefully they'll take me up on my offer to be a regular go-go girl for them.  Alex's Bar has a nice stage.

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