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Sunday, August 16, 2009

plum loco

Esther Pearl Watson paints UFOs being interacted with in vaguely Texan town settings and she is my favourite artist in a while. I just found her stuff 5 minutes ago.

Yesterday was my first day working for South Paradiso Leather. I can't wait until I can officially say I'm an artist for them, because it would be such an honor. I had this absolute daydream work day where it felt like meditating, listening to so much new music, in this fairytale Japanese cottage in Laurel Canyon up all these cracked stone walkways, over a little wooden bridge. It felt like a treehouse, or definitely built with gnomes in mind. Everything wooden, like a cabin, big windows, windows everywhere in the middle of this natural oasis but with this insane view of the Los Angeles metropolis. I was treated to a performance of a Victrola Credenza, one song one side, one side one needle -- a 20's dance one and a dirty Bessie Smith. I got a beef burrito from Baja Fresh and practiced painting on leather by doing belts. It's definitely a new technique and I'm a little nervous, because with whatever I do, I need to be the best.
Romulus (the mastermind creator of the South Paradiso reality) spouted some RADASS off the wall t-shirt designs into my ear for me to sketch, I wish I could share them with you because your jaw would smack through yer floorboards and you'd snort belief out of your left nostril at lightspeed, but I pinky-swore him (my highest swear) I wouldn't divulge anything. I've probably already said to much.

later lovethumbs


Anonymous said...

This all made me so excited!!!

Tuesday Morning said...

me too!!!!