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Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm pretty sure thinking doesn't count.  so aside from some pretty intense personal work, i guess i don't have anything to show.
so shit.
i'm off to San Francisco in, like, 3 hours.  I'm pulling an all-nighter.  I haven't packed yet.  I haven't had a vacation yet.
i wanted to do personal work in time for reviews but i've been working and i've been sick and i've been tired and thinking and finishing up my incomplete.  i don't even know what to say.
i don't know if i'm disappointed in myself, because i'm not sure how much more i could have done.  that's kind of how last semester was/is.  

i need this trip.  going to a place where there are my sort of freaks, people who can get a little wild and not be chicken-skinned about something a little different, something a little ALIVE.  when i'm there i'm going to live like you can't really do, here.  


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grandillustration said...

hope you have a great time in San Francisco...sounds like fun. take care