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Friday, June 10, 2011


let's take a look back in time...

this was supposed to be a present.

dramatically entitled "stairway suicide," based on some dark visions i'd had


my high school visions of the perfect future home:

a pretty fuckin' good nebula painting and pretty fuckin' good pen drawing over it. for some band...

i wanted to give this to the red hot chili peppers in person before i knew how to meet bands. did this as in my 1st year at MassArt. i had a thing for nebulas, okay?

epic tribute to Wilfred S├Ątty i did in high school


slor lord said...

hey! this is aminah slor (die when you die)- couldnt figure out how to comment back, sorry. but to answer your question: oakland is a black hole... i dont know if its positive or negitive. it is most likely due to my passive lazyness or maybe i smoke too much weed or something but of all the resources the bay has to offer, i only actually utilate about 15%... maybe less.. i just have real friends here... and too many aquaintances. rent is cheap so you can leave half the year, or sublet and i am sortof obsessed with california in general. l.a. is cool. i have some sikk pals in echo park that speak spanish and take me around to cool 99 cent stores... but i like oakland because there arent as many fashionable hip people peacocking about as if theyre just waiting for their picture to be taken. oakland is a festering shit hole but everybody more or less has the resources they need to survive and that is quite a rarety. after hanging out in police states for the past 4 months i am so glad to be back in this (sometimes suffocating) bubble. but i dont kknow. i cant reccomend anyone to move here if theyre expecting to be entertained.. then they should move to s.f... oakland is a good place to hole up and keep yourself busy. good luck!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Ahh. I am in LOVE with these. Serious love.

strawberry freckleface

Tuesday Morning said...

thank you strawberry freckleface. i don't think they're all that great, but they're representative of that time in my life so they're amusing